Richard has been building iOS Apps since 2010. Take a look at some of the projects.

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Brainfog: A Puzzle Game is based on a popular card game. The goal of the game is to select three cards which form a 'set'. Each card has four unique characteristics: Shape, Color, Fill (shading), and Number. A 'set' is complete when each of the three cards have all of the characteristics - when looked at one by one - are all matching or all different.

Challenge yourself! Challenge your friends!

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A tool for working with Structured Data using the '' context.

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The indispensable recipe tool for professional chefs, culinary students and the home culinarian.

Bakeshop is more than just a recipe storage app. Bakeshop understands formulas and it uses volume/mass ratios for each ingredient to perform complex conversions and scaling.

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Pocket Bot

Pocket Bot for "Xcode Server" brings the Xcode Server CI to iOS and tvOS. Review bots, integrations, commits, build errors and more.



Dynumite keeps your hostname/location up to date with your current public IP Address.


Crazy Monkey Twin Cities

Information, Classes Schedules, A Boxing Timer and more!