Richard Piazza

iOS Developer, Chef & Crazy Monkey



The indispensable recipe tool for professional chefs, culinary students and the home culinarian.

Bakeshop is more than just a recipe storage app. Bakeshop understands formulas and it uses volume/mass ratios for each ingredient to perform complex conversions and scaling.

With Bakeshop you can quickly find equivalent amounts for any ingredient. For example 'Free Scale' 1 Cup of Patent Flour and find its volume and mass in both US and Metric units (e.g. 4.25 oz / 125 g).

The real power of Bakeshop shows when scaling recipes; Options allow you to transform a formula by yield (number of portions) or mass (bakers %). You can also force the use and display of only US or Metric measurements as well as using only Volume or Mass units.

Your Recipes, Anytime, Anywhere

Bakeshop uses CloudKit to sync your data between all of your iOS devices.

This means your ingredients and recipes will always be up to date and ready to go.

Mix & Match

Feel more comfortable using the metric system? Go ahead!

With Bakeshop you can add ingredients in any measure you would like: US/Metric, Volume/Mass, or quantity.

Then use the powerful scaling system to standardize it all.

Make a little, or make a lot

Scaling a recipe is easy with Bakeshop.

Choose to scale by Yield (number of portions), or by % (total volume/mass).

Easily force conversion between US and Metric measurements and volume or mass amounts.

Fractions, No Problem

Bakeshop uses a custom keyboard for entering fractions and common amounts.